We offer Ambulatory services at the lowest cost in the Florida area to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, day care centers. During non-emergency, Injuries, and Illnesses situations you just need to call us, we will be at your doorstep the very next moment.

Your emergency or non emergency medical transportation services are fulfilled by our professional assistance. We are here with the aim to offer safe, comfortable and secure transportation mode to our clients. We provide mature patients with soft care, and at the same time, we focus on the personal attention every customer deserves.

WTS ambulatory transportation is provided with late model vehicles and constant dispatch monitoring. Safe and reliable air conditioned systems are used for all local and distant services at an affordable rate.

Our vehicles and ambulances have built in GPS systems. We can easily trace your position and will be available in a short interval of time. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority. We try to gratify our clients with the best possible services, we utilize the best equipment, providing our drivers with the most comprehensive training available for theservice. You just sit relaxed for your concerned one because we treat them as our own family members.

Our vehicles and Ambulances are completely neat and clean with all available facilities that can be required during your travel. Call us to avail the best ambulatory services in Floridaat most affordable rrates. We are open 24/7 to offer our best medical transportationservices to clients. Immediacy and easy affordability are our top most features that made us stand ahead other competitors in Florida. Call us to ride with us during non-emergencies or comfortable long term travel in standard medical conditions.

Helpful Information

Call us directly at 727-586-2811 by 5:00 PM the day before the ride to make a reservation. Client co-pay is $4.00 each way to be paid to our Driver.


Call Pinellas County's broker at 727-545-2100 at least 72 business hours prior to your appointment time.

Please request Wheelchair Transport Service as your provider of choice.

If Client is being discharged from a Hospital or requires urgent care, the 72-hour rule may be waiver. In Pinellas once approved, there is no cost to the Client for Medicaid Transportation.

Unfortunately Medicare does not reimburse for wheelchair transportation. However, please use as a resource to help find a program that may help offset the cost of your transportation.

If a Client is residing in a Nursing Home 7 is enrolled in a "Nursing Home based Evercare Program" he or she may be eligible to receive wheelchair transportation at no cost. Evercare trips may be called directly to Wheelchair Transport Service at 727-586-2811.

Call Wheelchair Transport Service directly at (727) 586-2811 in Pinellas County or (239) 337-2222 in Ft Myers and Southwest Florida or Manatee and Sarasota call (941) 364-5151. Trips are based on mileage, so please call one of our associates for a rate quote. Discounts may be available for clients who use our services on a repetitive basis.

Call your insurance provider directly for prior authorization and be sure to please have them call Wheelchair Transport Service for your transportation needs.

Rider Applications

At Wheelchair Transport Service, we make it not only affordable but convenient to pay for transportation. We accept all major credit cards, cash or check. If you are interested in opening an account with us, please fill out the credit application and return it to us and one of our billing associates will contact you. You may qualify for one of several programs that will pay for your transportation.

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Please call Jim at (727) 218-1012

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