Wheelchair Transport Service (WTS)

WTS is a non-emergency medical transportation provider that utilizes several forms of service to assist our mobility impaired and wheelchair-bound clients for their many needs, such as:

  • Hospital discharges
  • Doctors appointments
  • Medical treatments like radiology and dialysis
  • Out-patient post-surgery transportation
  • Adult day care
  • To and from rehabilitation facilities
  • To and from healthcare facilities
  • Door to door service if required
  • Stair assist transport
  • Group outings
  • Pediatric and special needs
  • Airport Service


WTS ambulatory transports are provided with late model vehicles, trained staff and constant dispatch monitoring. Safe and clean air conditioned units are utilized for all local and long distance services at a reasonable rate.


We have large fleet of raised roof, full size vans with Braun hydraulic lifts that have room for multiple wheelchairs with additional attendant seating. Family members may ride along at no charge when desired. All our vehicles are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure our clients comfort and safety.

Our career oriented drivers are trained initially for 80 hours in house and on the road before they ever do a transport. After initial training they attend on-going updates and changes in the industry every 60 days to stay ahead of the curve. They are certified in safety first aid and CPR with additional certification in wheelchair securing and sensitivity training for wheelchair bound clients. No other service in the area offers this type of in-depth attention to detail. Because of our commitment to quality training we have trained almost every driver in the area regardless of what company they drive for. Safety is number one and most companies in the area realize that our training far surpasses any other. They send their drivers to us for training.

When arranging transport services please detail all your specific needs so we may serve you diligently and with appropriate staff and equipment.


Our stretcher chairs are manufactured by Ferno Corporation, a leader in medical transport and safety equipment. This, combined with the use of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and an assistant, ensures the proper handling, comfort and safety of our clients during transport. This mode of transportation is often used for long distance trips and can provide additional comfort to the passenger.

Your scheduling needs may require advance notice for logistics on long range trips or special needs trips, however local same day service is available if our scheduling allows. It is best to book transports in advance whenever possible to allow staff and equipment availability for your time and date.


Having been in the transportation business for nearly 40 years, our expertise goes well beyond the ability to just provide transportation service itself. We have many management professionals on staff that can service all of your transportation needs including on site management and coordination with other facilities and agencies. We realize that many of our customers are healthcare professionals that don’t want to manage transportation for their clients; allow us to assist you in solving your needs. We have references that can be provided upon request.


Whether discharged from hospital or looking for a perfect mode to travel comfortably to a clinic or therapy centers, we offer the best medical transportation services in Florida. Timely pick up and drop off services are offered to patients from their home to hospital or hospital to home. We offer high quality service at the lowest possible rates. We accept all major credit cards, cash or check.


WTS is a reliable transportation provider for senior and disabled citizens at affordable rates. With our dedicated drivers, we take you comfortably to and from your desired destination. We have  a large fleet of vans to fulfil all your transportation needs. With more than 40 years of experience in providing special transportation services, we are the best to help our mature citizens with comfortable and secure ride.



  • Pinellas County
  • Bradenton/Sarasota
  • Collier, Charlotte, Lee Counties
  • Central Florida