Things that can make travel easy for wheelchair bound people

Friday, February 07, 2014

When you are traveling with a wheelchair bound person, there are many things you need to consider for comfort and convenience of the person traveling with you. It may be one of your parents, your child or just a close friend. This is because these persons have special needs that should be taken care of.

Wheelchair bound people need the assistance of wheelchair transport vehicles like conversion vans or mobility scooters. When you are traveling with a person with these conditions, you need to have a good idea about various things that can make their travel easier. The following tips will help you make their trip or tour a lot easier.

Plan your trip well in advance. Mobility impaired needs a lot of extra care. You need to take with you all their medicines, supplements and even their prescriptions. Even get their wheelchair fixed so that they do not face any hassles while on travel.

Book your travel through an agency that specializes in organizing travel for mobility impaired. These people know all their needs. They are expert in handling their travel.

Search online for wheelchair transport providers in the area you are traveling to. Select a reliable and licensed provider. These providers offer all wheelchair transport vehicles, to assist wheelchair bound, in moving easily from one place to another. You can make a selection as per your group size and budget.

If you are taking mobility impaired to another city for a medical checkup, make sure to book a wheelchair transport vehicle to transport them to the hospital. These providers also offer stretcher chair service and ambulatory services.

List all your requirements and tell your provider about it. For ex: you need to convey the wheelchair transport provider all your needs like that whether you need a ramp or a lift, tie-downs and the number of wheelchair seats among others.

Travel agents can help you arrange such vehicles as well. These agencies have contacts with local wheelchair transport providers. They can even help you get one, at discounted rates.

The designated travel agents can also check with hotels for all your requirements. They make sure everything in the room is as per the needs of the wheelchair bound, to assure a comfortable stay.

Make a travel kit. Keep their medicines and things of requirement in it. Also add a piece of paper in it, that have the travel agent’s contact number and address in it. In case of delays or any other hassles, you can call them.

Don’t make bookings in a hurry. You are arranging transport for a person with special needs, so you need to organize everything in a planned manner.

Call us for organizing travel for mobility impaired. We at your assistance all the day.

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